WhatsApp PiP Mode (Picture-in-Picture) is now Officially Available for all Android users

WhatsApp PiP Mode (Picture-in-Picture) is now Officially Available for all Android users

Finally, WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture mode is available for all Android users. Back in October, WhatsApp developers introduced this PIP or Picture-in-Picture mode only for WhatsApp beta users. This feature allows you to view videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and other sources in a floating window and at the same time also allows you to chat. You can read this in our previous post here about WhatsApp PIP mode in Beta testers. This simply means that this update is now available to download from the Play Store.

WhatsApp has now introduced PIP mode officially to all the WhatsApp users with its latest version. While this PiP mode is already available with iOS early this year. After this latest update, users won’t be redirected to a new page or app to view the videos received by the users, instead, it will be played on WhatsApp within a floating window.

What is WhatsApp PiP mode?

When a link of a video arrives on WhatsApp, a blurred version of the thumbnail image will appear attached above the link with its respective app logo on it. On tapping the link, the video will be played on the upper side of the screen, leaving ample of space below which allows you to chat easily. You can also drag the PIP mode screen to lower part of the screen.

The owners of WhatsApp are planning to bring a lot of new features very soon. iOS has recently added group calling feature. Android users also have the same feature but after calling one recipient, you had to add another recipient. But after this feature, after this feature, you can call all the recipients at once. WhatsApp is also planning to include a dark mode. This will help to save the battery of smartphones, especially those who have OLED screens and also display the text in a much nicer way.

Some features like replying directly from the drop-down notification panel have already made its way. There are some reports which say that users will be able to preview photos and videos from the notification panel itself. Still not confirmed by WhatsApp owner about these updates. But for now, enjoy PiP mode in your device by updating your WhatsApp through Playstore.