WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture Mode for Android Will be Launched Soon

WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture Mode for Android Will be Launched Soon

WhatsApp which is one of the largely used messaging app, is currently working on its new feature which will be made available for Android devices. This is a WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) video feature that will be aired very soon. WhatsApp has already released many features this year and is on a path to launch many new features in the near future.

WhatsApp for iOS devices received this PiP support earlier this year, whereas this feature will arrive on Android devices very soon.

This new feature will enable the android users to watch YouTube and Instagram video in a window inside that messaging app itself without redirecting to its respective applications (Instagram and YouTube).

It would let the users watch any videos of YouTube and Instagram sent by any contact,

As per the WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp team has been working for many months towards this major update. The messaging app has recently submitted a new update through its beta programme on Google Play, with a version 2.18.234. However, according to the reports, the update is not officially out to the masses due to certain development reasons. It also requires many improvements before being officially made available. 

Reportedly, the development team is working actively on this feature from past many months, and it may be released to the public after next few updates.

New Feature WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture mode / PiP mode

When this major update will be released, then the users will see a white play icon on the Instagram or YouTube video links sent by the contacts. After tapping the icon, video will Pop-up and in an inline frame (small box inside the app). This box can be moved to any place within the screen or resized to any size and at the same time, you will be able to continue texting with your contacts within the app.

PiP mode is accessible for YouTube and Instagram videos, however, it has not been made available for Instagram stories as of yet. Other than that, there is no additional information available about the launch date of this feature.
There are 6 updates that will be aired for the WhatsApp users very soon. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has limited its forward message limit to only 5 chats.