5 WhatsApp New Features – Multiple share, Group call, PiP, and many more

5 WhatsApp New Features – Multiple share, Group call, PiP, and many more

WhatsApp has lined many new updates to its platform. WhatsApp owner is trying to make this app more and more interactive and easy on use. All these features can be tried on an early basis if you are a beta user. If you are not a beta tester and wish to apply for the same, then just go to Google Play, search for WhatsApp.

Click on the app and scroll down to find a Google play beta program form. Just click on that button and you are done. You can now try all WhatsApp new features before it gets official.

The new beta version is 2.18.384 which has updates like PiP mode, a group calling shortcut, new emoji layout.

The previous update also had the same features, and it will be continued for some time until it gets updated officially. These update will be made totally available to all the end users very soon.

WhatsApp new features like PiP Mode

These are WhatsApp new features. PiP mode, group call shortcut, emojis layout and some more.

1) PiP Mode

PiP is also called a Picture-in-Picture mode. A user can directly watch a video on the screen in the WhatsApp app without redirecting to its respective video app.

With this Picture-in-Picture feature in Android and iOS devices, you can watch a video and also chat at the same time simultaneously.

Users have to ensure that they are using version 0.3.1846 in their device. Same goes for the WhatsApp web too. (1)

Whatsapp web now supports PiP feature which was released in the recent update.

WhatsApp web can’t be updated manually. In fact, it automatically searches for recent updates and installs it in the next launch.

To check for the version, go to Whatsapp web>settings>help. You could also try to delete the browser cache to update it to the newer version.

2) Updated Emoji layout

WhatsApp has introduced some new minor changes in its emoji drawer.

It is not really a visible change for all, but if you notice color, style, alignment, and some new emojis are added to its emoji drawer.

It also has a softer design which makes it look very realistic and elegant.

3) Group call shortcut

This feature lets users call their group participants. This feature is still in developing mode and available only with bets users.

The update will start with version 2.18.373. only a few beta users had able to get this update with the previous version.

But with this version, more and more users are getting this group call feature.

This update has a lot of time to roll out for the end users before it is fully developed. So uses have to keep patience for this feature.

4) Multi-share update

WhatsApp is rolling out multi-share text feature to its beta users. To use this feature, the user will have to share a text with at least two contacts from different applications, then whatsapp will show a preview of the text that is shared.

Whatsapp has also added a feature of multi-file share support w.r.t multi-share text feature.

It is similar like multi-share text. The user needs to share to at least 2 contacts from a different application.

5) Search sticker feature

Users can quickly search for stickers from their collection. This becomes very easy as there are many stickers and users really don’t get the relevant stickers that they need.

These are the recent updates that are rolled out with the beta users. All these features will be made available to end users as soon as they have developed it successfully without any glitches.