WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock, Track Shared Images, Simplified Media Menu – WhatsApp Newest Updates

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock, Track Shared Images, Simplified Media Menu – WhatsApp Newest Updates

WhatsApp is continuously trying to make its World Wide used Chat messaging app more and more user-friendly and more efficient. This time changes are being made in the media section as well as in the Privacy section by implementing WhatsApp fingerprint lock.

WhatsApp has started rolling out authentication or unlock feature for all its beta users. It will be available with the new beta updates. It was published on TestFlight beta Program. After this feature, users can unlock their device using a fingerprint lock. WABetaInfo first spotted this new beta update.


WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Feature

iPhone X users or above can have a faceID fo unlock, but all those below iPhone X will have TouchID and Passcode open. Users will have to choose screen lock from the options to start with authentication feature.

However, the app still allows the users to reply to received messages straight the notification tray. And also, WhatsApp calls can be answered without any authentication.

After configuring FaceID or TouchID unlock feature on WhatsApp, users will have to restart the application. Now, users can authenticate using their FaceID or TouchID.

See what WhatsApp have to offer this year, probably multi-share, group call, and much awaited Dark Mode.

Track Shared Images

After this update, users can see whether the media (image) is shared through a group or an individual chat. Also, some new options like setting media as the profile photo, wallpaper, group icon as well as allowing to rotate the image through one button can be seen.

Simplified Media Menu

These changes are made to simplify the media menu. In just one click, users can do pretty most of the things with that specific media. Before the update, it was like many different options in many different screens to do each particular task.

This recent WhatsApp Update might ease the user’s task to do different things for the same media. These WhatsApp updates can be seen in the latest version. It is not clear as in when it would be officially rolled out for the stable version found in Google Play Store.

In the older versions, there was three different options ‘set as Group icon,’ ‘set as profile picture,’ ‘set as wallpaper,’. Now it is simplified to only 1 button. Just click on the down arrow in the image and you can see an option named ‘set as’.

After clicking on this option, you can find 3 options, 1) Group Icon 2) Profile Photo 3) Wallpaper. Also the rotate option is not a new feature, instead before it was Rotate Left and Rotate Right. Now it’s just a single option to rotate. Users will have to click on the rotate button multiple times according to their choice.