WhatsApp Dark Mode: Concept Image Revealed

WhatsApp Dark Mode: Concept Image Revealed

Dark mode is one of the most anticipated features that is in the developing stage by WhatsApp. WhatsApp hasn’t confirmed this update yet but it is anticipated that there are still many works needed for fully developing WhatsApp dark mode. A new concept image posted by WABetaInfo shows how the app will look after implementing WhatsApp Dark Mode.

As shared by WABetaInfo, the Concept Image shows a dark background (typically black). The WhatsApp Chat list has really a dark (Black) background and text in white color which won’t cause any stress on your eyes while using WhatsApp in the night or darker areas. It is said that this mode os OLED compatible and will save more power than other different display screen types.


WABetaInfo said,


A follower sent me this **concept** of WhatsApp for Android with a Dark Mode (OLED compatible). Do you like it?

whatsapp dark mode concept image


WhatsApp Dark Mode will turn the light theme background into dark. The shortcut icons like camera and pin are white in color with a dark grey background.

It is similar to the text messaging app’s UI of Windows mobile. On Window mobile phone OS, WhatsApp has a comparatively darker background.

Besides a newer and different look, WhatsApp Dark mode will also consume 43% less battery of your mobile device even after full brightness unlike the default theme (White).

Popular apps like Google, YouTube, Twitter already have a dark mode. Facebook’s Messenger app will also release Dark mode in some time.

Apart from this feature, if you want a dark node then you can still try a workaround. Change your wallpaper to a darker one probably full black, and also change your keyboard theme to a darker one. Now, this somewhat resembles WhatsApp dark mode. Apps like SwiftKey and Gboard offers simple yet elegant themes for free.