What is MBA? Types, Duration, Fees, Course Details, Methodology

What is MBA? Types, Duration, Fees, Course Details, Methodology

MBA or Masters of Business Administration as the name says is a masters degree in management field. Formerly, MBA originated from the United States in the 20th Century. This is because when the countries industrialized, they wanted some specialized person to handle their word in a systematic and efficient way. The subjects in an MBA program covers various areas such as applied statistics, accounting, business communication, business law, business ethics, finance, management, economics, operations etc. All these subjects will help increase your managerial skills.

There are also some programs that have elective courses for further studies. These may include Marketing, Accounting, and Finance. MBA is a professional as well as terminal degree both. Authorities for MBA programs maintain a consistency and quality in their education.

To take an admission in any MBA course, you have to crack various entrance exams like CAT, CMAT, GMAT, NMAT, ATMA, VMOU, and many more. Each entrance exam is conducted for a specific type of MBA or for some specific MBA college.

Many business schools in different countries offer Part-Time, Full-time, Distance Learning and executive courses to its students. All the students who are opting for MBA in their further studies, they must be having many different questions as to What is MBA? What are the types of MBA course? The duration of the course? Fees for this course? and the subjects covered in MBA? In this post, we will try to answer all these questions.

What is MBA?

MBA is an internationally accepted postgraduate level course or a degree that holds a strong theoretical knowledge in business concepts by providing all the necessary practical opportunities to test what the student learns in the class which helps to build many skills in the field of leadership and management. MBA also improves the soft skills such as negotiation, motivation, and communication.


What are the types of MBA courses?

MBA has a wide range. The most common type of MBA’s are:

  1. Executive MBA,
  2. Distance MBA Courses,
  3. Full-time MBA,
  4. Correspondence Course,
  5. Part-time MBA,
  6. Online MBA courses, and many more. Each course has its own advantages and disadvantages.

What is the Duration of MBA?

The average duration of a full-time MBA course is 2 Years. Although the duration of part-time MBA could be up to 3 years, this is because students study as well as work at the same time.

What is MBA Fees?

The MBA fees might be less as compared to the high-end courses. As it has low fees, the candidates have to struggle really hard to crack the exam and enter different colleges conducting MBA courses. The fees for an MBA Course can go up to 18 lakhs for 2 years depending on the college that you have taken an admission.

What is MBA course details?

The syllabus of MBA course covers the following subjects which are as follows:

  • Organisational Behaviour,
  • Marketing,
  • Accounting,
  • Strategy/Frameworks,
  • Corporate finance,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Leadership,
  • Information Technology

First year there will be general subjects which all the students have to study. After the basic foundation is finished i.e. the First year, candidates can choose on their respective subjects of choice.

What are MBA Teaching Methodology and Techniques?

There are regular lectures taken by the authorities for the candidates taken admission in the college, apart from that there are other methodologies too, to ensure a maximized teaching as well as learning. There are two most common type of methodology:

  • Case Study

To learn all the business tactics, bookish knowledge or teachings taught by the professors aren’t enough. All those Tactics should be learned by applying it in real-world scenarios. Different business situations are presented to the candidates and they are asked to work on this task individually. They also have to find out the best possible solution for the same.

The main moto of case studies is that they learn to collect all the useful and important data for processing and analyzing it. Through this data, a firm decision can be made.

  • Group Assignments

Group assignments is another way to enrich student’s learning. Groups are formed among various students who are diverse in their culture. This helps them to create a bond with themselves and also understand the thought process of different people. Each group can contain 4 to 6 students depending on the project or the college.

Each member has a chance to actively involved in the group discussion and is free to keep their points. As it is a group, they have to come out with a final satisfactory outcome at the end. The success rate of the group depends on the teamwork, and co-operation of the team members.

I hope this article is enough for all the visitors and readers to know about various MBA and its aspects.

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