College Girl in West Bengal Gets ‘Momo Game Challenge Invite’ | Makes her Suicidal Post Public

College Girl in West Bengal Gets ‘Momo Game Challenge Invite’ | Makes her Suicidal Post Public

A West Bengal Girl Makes her Suicidal Post Public – Gets ‘Momo Game Challenge Invite’

Jalpaiguri (West Bengal)

A West Bengal college girl filed a complaint on Tuesday with the police and said that an unknown caller tried to force her into participating in the recent challenge that is airing on social media specifically on WhatsApp, “Momo challenge”.

This unsettling game is said to be a successor of Blue Whale Game.  Momo Game Challenge has been reported in multiple Countries but no cases were registered in India.

However, on Tuesday, a college girl from West Bengal lodged a complaint as soon as she received a message from an unknown caller.


The girl in her complaint said that she had posted a post on her social media account that “she wished to take her own life” after having a tiff with her mother.

Soon enough she received a WhatsApp message on her mobile from an unknown number inviting her to take the Momo Challenge. When she asked for identity, the person revealed it verbally, she claimed.

Scared from this situation, she narrated all this to her elder brother, and his brother warned her against participating in any such game. After this, she informed the police.

An investigation is being carried out, as said by police.

What is Momo Game Challenge?

Momo is an account in social media having an image named as Mother Bird by Link factory. This image is used to raise curiosity among children and then challenging them to communicate and complete certain challenges with an unknown number, the Sun reported.

This account is connected to three accounts in Mexico, Japan, and Columba.

If any user refuses to accept any challenge, then the account threatens them with violent images.