13 Unusual Rare Fruits to Try Around The World

13 Unusual Rare Fruits to Try Around The World

Fruits are one of the healthiest substances available in nature. But, all the fruits aren’t available in the market. Some are very rare while some are very unique. These fruits can grow only in some specific special weather conditions. Below are some of the Rare Fruits In the World that are hard to find.

Top 13 Rare Fruits In the World

1) Cupuaçu

  • It is a tropical rainforest tree commonly found in the Amazon basin.
  • Its major cultivation is in the jungles of Columbia, Bolivia, and Peru, and also in North Brazil.
  • The pulp of cupuaçu fruit is widely consumed by the people of South America.
  • It is also used to make snack bars, ice-creams, and other valued products.


2) Cherimoya

  • This fruit is consumed by the Inca people.
  • It is mainly found in the native areas of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.
  • Cherimoya is also found in tropical regions throughout the world.
  • It is also called custard apple because of its creamy texture of the flesh.

3) Mangosteen

Mangosteen – One of the Rare fruit in the world
  • It is originated from the Moluccas of Indonesia, and Sunda Islands of Malay.
  • It is a tropical evergreen tree which grows mainly in Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, Florida as well as in the Southwest of India.
  • The fruit is very sweet and a bit tangy, filled with fibrous fluid vesicles like the flesh of Orange Fruit.


4) Elephant Apple

Elephant Apple

  • Elephant Apple is also known as Chalta.
  • It is found in the SouthEastern regions of Asia.
  • It is also cultivated in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and China.
  • Its fruit pulp is very sour, and are used to make many Indian Curries, Jams, as well as jelly.


5) Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

  • Dragon Fruit is a species of cactus.
  • This fruit generally weighs from 160 to 600 grams, in some rare cases, it may weight 1 kilograms too.
  • Its texture is somewhat like a kiwi fruit.
  • It is because of its black crunchy seeds

6) Rambutan


  • Rambutan is a tropical medium sized tree.
  • This fruit is found in native areas of Malay-Indonesian region, and in other regions of Southeast Asia.
  • The height of this tree is 12 to 20 m having leaves 10 to 30 cm long.


7) Ackee


  • This fruit is found in the native regions of West Africa.
  • This fruit was imported from West Africa to Jamaica before the year 1778.
  • It is considered as one of the major part in various Caribbean Cuisine.


8) Carambola


  • It is also called as a starfruit.
  • This fruit has distinctive ridges running down its side.
  • It resembles the shape of a star hence its name.
  • This entire fruit is edible.
  • It can also be used for cooking and for making juice drinks.


9) Physalis


  • Physalis is a type of flowering plant which is grown in warm temperature and subtropical regions of the world.
  • This fruit is small in size, structure, and shape.
  • The shape of Physalis fruit resembles a tomato.


10) Durian


  • The durian fruit is recognized due to its large size, thorn-covered rind, and its strong odor.
  • The size of the fruit is as long as 30 cm.
  • Its color depends on its species.
  • It can be husk green, to brown, and its flesh is of pale yellow color to red color.


11) Longan

longan Fruit
  • This fruit is derived from the Cantonese language – lùhng-ngáahn which means Dragons eye.
  • It got this name because it appears like an eyeball after its fruit is shelled.
  • It has a small black seed that resembles a pupil.
  • Outside it has pulpy lychee-like juicy flesh.
  • A fully ripened fruit will have a thin, and bark like a shell that can be peeled off easily.
  • When the fruit has more moisture in it, the shell becomes more tender.
  • This mainly depends on the various outer factors like climate, premature harvest, storage condition, and weather condition.


12) Feijoa

Feijoa Fruit
  • This fruit ripens in the Autumn and is green in color.
  • It is small in shape similar to an egg.
  • After the fruit is totally ripped, it drops off from the tree, but can also be plucked from the tree to prevent the fruit from bruising.
  • This fruit is eaten usually by cutting the fruit into a half, and then scoop out the middle part with the help of a spoon.
  • This fruit has a sweet juicy seed pulp and slightly softer flesh near the edges of the skin. The pulp is sweet but the skin is sour to taste but is edible.


13) Cucumis Metuliferus

Horned Melon
Horned Melon
  • It is also known as Horned Melon or Kiwano.
  • This fruit has horns so the name as Horned Melon.
  • After the fruit is ripe, the color of its skin changes to orange and the flesh to lime green.
  • Is has jelly-like flesh that is edible and has extraordinary fruity like taste.
  • Its texture is similar to pomegranate or passion fruit.
  • This fruit can be eaten at any stage of ripening, but if it is over-ripened, then it will burst open to release its seeds.

These were 13 Unusual rare fruits that grow only in a special weather condition.

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