Onion Tomato Chutney | Tomato Chutney Recipe | Onion Chutney Recipe

Onion Tomato Chutney | Tomato Chutney Recipe | Onion Chutney Recipe

What’s Cooking India? Its Onion Tomato Chutney Recipe. It is very easy to make and tastes very delicious.

However, I personally like coconut chutney and dosa, but adding onion tomato chutney enhances its taste.

You can change the taste of the chutney by altering onion and tomato proportions. This chutney tastes better if made a bit spicy and tangy.

But, even if you follow the recipe mentioned below, it will taste perfect. Serve this chutney with crispy dosa or also with onion uttapam or Idli.

Every south Indian breakfast goes well with this chutney. So go ahead and start your recipe.

Ingredients for Onion Tomato Chutney recipe

Ingredients Measurements
Tomatoes (Large) 3
Onion (medium) 1
Green chilies 5-6
Red chili powder (optional) ½ tsp
Chana Dal ( Bengal gram) 1 tbsp
Urad Dal ½ tbsp
Garlic 1-2 cloves
Jeera ½ tsp
Haldi (Turmeric) ⅛ tsp
Salt As required
Cooking oil 1 tbsp
For Tomato Chutney Tempering
Kadi Patta (Curry leaves) 5-6 leaves
Oil 1 tsp
Rai (Mustard seeds) ¼ tsp
Urad Dal ¼ tsp
Dry red chili (broken) 1
Hing (asafoetida) Just a pinch

Steps to make Tomato Onion Chutney

How to Prepare the Chutney?

Step 1: Take a non-stick pan, set it on medium flame and add 1 tbsp of oil.

Step 2: Once the oil is warm enough, add ½ tsp of urad dal and 1 tbsp of chana dal. Let it roast until its turns deep golden.

Step 3: Now add ½ tsp of jeera and saute it for a couple of minutes.

Step 4: Remove it in a plate and set it aside.

Step 5: Now add the dry red chili in the pan along with 1 tsp of oil and fry them until they turn crisp.

Step 6: Next add the onions along with 2 garlic cloves. Roast them for about 2-4 mins.

Step 7: When the onion starts to turn golden, add chopped tomatoes along with salt and turmeric.

Step 8: Saute them until they turn mushy.

Step 9: Turn off the gas and let the mixture to cool down.

Step 10: Take a blender, add the roasted dal and jeera into it and blend well to get a fine powder.

Step 11: Now add the tomato mixture into the jar.

Step 12: Blend well to get that smooth paste-like consistency.

You can try Rava Dosa or Rava Idli with Tomato onion chutney as well.

How to Temper the Onion Tomato Chutney?

Step 1: Heat oil in a pan, when the oil is hot enough, add urad dal and mustard seed.

Step 2: When the dal starts to change its color to golden, add curry leaves along with a pinch of hing.

Step3: Pour this mixture right on top of your tomato chutney and your authentic south Indian style tomato chutney is ready to be served.

Tips for a Perfect Onion Tomato Chutney

  1. With onions, you can also add coconut.
  2. You can also add tamarind if you want a tangy taste.
  3. You can increase the Garlic cloves for more better flavor.
  4. Make the chutney thick and not watery consistency. Grated coconut will help.
  5. Tomato Onion chutney tastes great if it is spicy and tangy.