Top 8+ Best Offline Local Multiplayer Games for Android 2018

Top 8+ Best Offline Local Multiplayer Games for Android 2018

Mobile phones especially Android phones are getting better day by day. From multitasking to Multi-player games, now almost everything is possible in an Android mobile phone. There are many games that are available in the Google Play Store that you can download in your android phone and play. A mobile phone is a very handy device that can be carried, unlike a computer. So, here are some of the best offline multiplayer games for Android devices that are available on the Google Play store.

List of offline multiplayer games for Android are:

1) DUAL!



This game is built for the players who enjoy playing games with their friends. By this, I mean that you can play this game with your friend on two different devices with your friend or against. This is an offline game so you both have to be together to play this game.

Your job in this game is either you have to defend your side from the shooting balls or you can play with your friend together and defend your side against other attackers. You have to tilt your device to move and dodge the shooting balls.

The fun part: You both can play this game in your own individual devices and not in one single device.

2) Bounden (My personal Best)



Bounden is not about competing with the other person, but playing together and have fun especially if you plan to play with your other half. It gives you a chance to come close to each other also in the meanwhile enjoying a beautiful song rich game together. This is a special dance format game Choreographed by Ernst Meisner (a choreographer in Ditch National Ballet) and music by Bart Delissen.

The fun part: The phone will act as a guide and lets you take some twists, and turns together and even tangle with each other as you both will hold the phone together. This game will make even the boring times very special.

Note: It is a paid app

3) Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

mini militia
mini militia image


Similar to the Modern Combat, Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is also a gunfight game. This game has a big crowd because of its online and offline multiplayer modes. In an online multiplayer mode, you can connect with both friends or with the world players. But in offline, you can connect only with your nearby players or friends. You have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, connected with each other to enjoy this game. Internet connection is not necessary at all to play offline game with your friends nearby.

The fun part: You can play together with a huge bunch of friends together.


4) Badland

Badland image 


BADLAND is a side-scrolling action rich game that lets you control a mystical character and guide it through different scenarios avoiding the obstacles and different traps. With cooperative and multiplayer mode, you can tag up to 4 friends and go on an adventure to 20 plus levels.

The fun part: You can create your own world, full of obstacles and traps, and challenge your friends in real time. Let’s see who can compete you and complete your challenge.

5) BombSquad

Bombsquad Image


This game allows you to connect with at the most 8 friends locally or through a network connection to play and enjoy some explosive action game together. It is a beautifully designed physics adventure game where you can play all sort of sports game like hockey and Capture-the-flag in one game.

You can play against other players or join them to defeat the computer bot team in mini-games mode. Create your own avatar and place it for a race or to play football.

The fun part: You have to blow each other with different types of bomb that pop up in the game while playing any mode.

6) Crossy Road

Crossy Road


Crossy roads is one of the most popular games in many gaming platforms. The game has been given a pixelated retro look which is very attractive. You have to guide your little character (any animal) to cross a busy road. It also allows choosing a busy railway track or a busy river without being hit by any.

It has more than 150 characters to play with. With your companion, you can enjoy this game for endless hours. It doesn’t require an internet connection.

The fun part: As the game goes forward, the level becomes more tough and challenging.

7) Minecraft


Minecraft Image


There are many Minecraft fans who enjoy playing this blocks building game. The graphics are very simple because it has been given a retro-styled pixelated form. This game can be played on a desktop as well as in mobile phones. With an interconnectivity support, games are synced with desktop and mobile so no matter where you left the game. You will start from the same point on any synced device. You have to build a massive empire alone or with your friends your wish.

The fun part: You can enjoy this block building game with your friends with an offline gameplay support.

8) Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2


Glow hockey is a virtual version of air hockey. In the multiplayer mode, two different players can play on two different devices, or can also play on one single device together. There are different neon coloured themes and a very smooth gameplay that you can enjoy with.

The fun part: You can play with one more person on the same device even if the person is far away.

9) Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8- Airborne

Asphalt 8- Airborne Image                                                       Source:

Asphalt 8: Airborne is an adrenaline car racing game. It is one of the most awesome graphics intensive game ever built by Gameloft so far.  You will get more than 190 cars and bikes to choose from and have a race with your fellow friends or with an online player.

The fun part: You can enjoy this game with up to 8 players in a single race when socially connected. The different game modes are very compelling and will urge you to play the game on and on.

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Which are your best offline multiplayer games for Android or for any device? Do let us know from the comment section below. We will add it up in the next post.