Methi Thepla Recipe | Gujarati Thepla Recipe | Methi Na Thepla

Methi Thepla Recipe | Gujarati Thepla Recipe | Methi Na Thepla

What’s Cooking India? It is today Gujarati Methi Thepla Recipe. Making Gujarati Special Methi Thepla is very easy.

As the name says, it is prepared from fenugreek leaves (Methi), a flavored flatbread which is a speciality dish in the Gujarat State.

You can use this in Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast and also in lunch boxes and tiffins.

Methi Thepla is served with Plain yogurt or mango pickle. You can also serve this with Sweet yogurt as well.

This recipe is so easy, you just have to mix all the ingredients together, and your thepla will be ready.

If you want, then you can pluck the leaves of Methi and keep them refrigerated in an airtight container and use them not only for thepla, but also to make pakoras, or dal.

Ingredients for Methi Thepla Recipe

Ingredients Measurements (1 CUP=250 ML)
Wheat Flour 1 Cup
Methi Leaves 1 Cup
Gram Flour (Besan) ¼ Cup
Pearl Flour Millet (Bajra) ¼ Cup
Ginger ½ Inch
Sorghum Flour (Jowar) ¼ Cup
Green Chilies (Chopped) 2 to 3
Ginger and Green Chili paste ½ Tsp
Turmeric Powder ½ Tsp
Red Chili Paste ½ Tsp
Cumin Powder ½ Tsp
Salt According to your taste or ¾ Tsp
Red Chili Powder ½ Tsp
Coriander Powder (Dhania Powder) ½ Tsp
Cumin Powder (Fried Jeera Powder) ½ Tsp
Yogurt (Dahi) 5 Tbsp
Oil 1 Tbsp

Steps to make Methi Thepla Recipe

How to knead the dough for Thepla?

Step 1: Pluck all the leaves of methi carefully.

Step 2: Rinse them well in running water.

Step 3: Drain the water and chop them. Keep them aside.

Step 4: Take a large bowl. Add 1 cup of wheat flour, ¼ Cup Flour of Bajra, ¼ Cup Besan and lastly ¼ Cup of Jowar flour.

Step 5: Mix them well.

Step 6: Now, add the chopped methi leaves and again mix them well.

Step 7: Now, add 5 tbsp Yoghurt in it.

Step 8: Now, mix all these ingredients together and form a smooth dough. Just add a little water to the mixture.

You can also adjust the yogurt accordingly.

How to roll the theplas?

Step 1: Make small balls out of the dough.

Step 2: Take a rolling mill. Sprinkle some wheat flour in the center.

Step 3: Take one ball and start rolling. Roll them until round in shape and are 5 to 6 inches in diameter.

Strep 4: Heat a shallow Tawa on a medium flame.

Step 5: Now, apply some oil and place the rolled thepla on it.

Step 6: After it is cooked slightly, flip it and let it cook.

You should see golden spots all over the thepla. This is when the thepla is cooked properly.

Step 7: Remove it on a plate. Repeat this process to make all the theplas.

Serve the thepla with sweet yogurt or curd. You can also have it with mango pickle. For a change, you can have Paneer Tikka with this thepla.

Tips for a better Thepla

  1. If you will consume the thepla immediately, then you can apply less oil. But if you plan to eat after some time, then add a little more oil.
  2. You can adjust the use of yogurt according to your dough. Add more yogurt for a softer dough. But don’t overdo it.
  3. However, consume your theplas within 6 to 8 hours. Otherwise, the yogurt inside can spoil your theplas.
  4. Rest the dough after kneading for 15 to 20 minutes for a softer dough.
  5. Using gram flour and Bajra flour can harden your dough. So use enough amount of oil.