Kanda Poha Recipe | Maharashtrian Poha Recipe

Kanda Poha Recipe | Maharashtrian Poha Recipe

What’s Cooking India? Today It’s Maharashtrian Kanda Poha Recipe. Poha is Hindi name for beaten or flattened rice. and Kanda means Onion.

As the name itself suggests, it is a recipe that is made from Kanda and poha. It is very easy to make and also the ingredients required are less.

It is a traditional and authentic Indian Breakfast which is very popular in Maharashtra. It can also be said as a staple food of Maharashtrians.

It is consumed majorly in Breakfast or in evening snacks. People also sell Kanda Poha for Rs. 10 Per Plate which is mostly consumed by office goers.

Kanda Pohe can be made very easily and within minutes. For a better taste, it is served with onions (Optional), grated coconut and lemon Juice. All these are optional.

Maharashtrian Poha Recipe Ingredients


Ingredients Measurements (1 CUP= 250 ML)
Thick Poha 1.5 cups
Haldi (Turmeric powder) ¼ tsp
Large Onion (chopped) 1
Peanuts (moongphali) 2-2½ tbsp
Rai (Mustard Seeds) 1 tsp
Green Chilli 1
Sugar 1 tsp
Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta) 11-12 leaves
Oil 1-1½ tbsp
Salt According to your taste

Steps to Prepare Maharashtrian Kanda Poha Recipe

Step1: To make Maharashtrian style Poha, clean and rinse poha in water until they become soft. The poha should easily get mashed between your fingers.

Step 2: After draining all the water, add turmeric, sugar, and salt into the poha. Now gently mix them using your fingers. Set them aside.

Step 3: Now take a non-stick Tawa. Add oil and heat it on medium flame.

Step 4: Once the oil is hot enough, add peanuts and saute it for a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Now add mustard seeds into the oil. Once you hear the crackling sound of the mustard, add chopped onion.

Step 6: Once the onions start turning translucent, add green chilies and curry leaves into the Tawa and stir them for a minute.

You could also try Hyderabadi samosa or Garlic fried potato which goes well for your breakfast.

Step7: Next, add poha and mix them well.

Step 8: Cover the lid and turn the gas on low flame. Let the poha heat on low flame for about 3-4 minutes while stirring occasionally.

Step 9: Now turn off the gas and set aside the kanda poha for a couple of minutes with its lid closed.

Step10: Remove the lid and garnish the Maharashtrian kanda poha with fresh coriander leaves, a little bit of lemon juice and grated coconut.

Step 11: Your Maharashtrian kanda poha recipe is ready to be served hot along with Tea.

Tips for a more Perfect Kanda Poha

  1. You can add boiled Diced Potato along with Beaten rice.
  2. To check whether your Poha is ready to be cooked or not, after the flattened rice is rinsed properly, take 1 beaten rice grain and press it. If it breaks easily then your poha is ready to be cooked.
  3. Adding carrots or peas will increase its nutritional value.
  4. You can use any type of poha that you want.
  5. Don’t soak the poha in water. Just rinse it in running water.