Herbs To Increase Low Sperm Count And Boost Male Fertility

Herbs To Increase Low Sperm Count And Boost Male Fertility

Understanding Low Sperm Count- Low sperm count is a condition where the fluid (semen) contains less number of sperms during ejaculation. This situation is also called as Oligospermia. There is also a situation where the sperm is not at all present in the semen which is termed as azoospermia. A sperm count Is considered less than the normal count if you have fewer than Fifteen Million sperms per mm in semen. Herbs To Increase Low Sperm Count is an easy and handy way to treat male infertility at home.

Symptoms Of Low Sperm Count

There may not be any signs of any symptoms of Low sperm count. Anyways, There can be certain problems such as a hormonal imbalance, chromosomal inactivity, dilated testicular veins can be considered as a sign of low sperm count.


  • Pain, lump, or swelling in the testicle area.
  • Problems with sexual functions (Low sex drive, difficulty in maintaining an erection).
  • A decrease in facial, public, or hairs in the body.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

There can be a medical cause behind low sperm count. These causes are as follows:

  • Infection– Some infections can lead to lower the sperm count, it can also affect sperm health, or it can cause scarring (a condition where the pathway of semen is blocked). Other infections can be of testicles, or HIV or Gonorrhea can also affect the sperm count in our body.
  • Varicocele– A varicocele is a condition where the veins that drain the testicle swells Which affects male fertility. It is mostly a reversible cause of infertility. Varicocele reduces the quality of sperm.
  • Tumors– Any tumors can directly affect a male’s reproductive organs directly, Including the glands that release hormones for reproduction.
  • Hormonal imbalances– The pituitary, hypothalamus, and testicles together produce hormones that are necessary to create sperms. Alterations or some changes in this hormone can directly affect sperm count.

1. Herbs To Increase Low Sperm Count – Ginseng(Winter Cherry

This herb is considered as one of the best herbs for treating any male infertility problem. Clinical tests have shown that this herb supports a healthy libido, enhances male sexual performance, and also corrects erectile dysfunction. (1)


Take 3 to 5 ml of ginseng tincture which can be approximately 30 to 100 drops, 3 times a day. Or else take 2 capsules of 500 mg each, 2 times a day.

2. Herbs To Increase Low Sperm Count – Tribulus fruit(Gokshura)

Ayurvedic practitioners have found Tribulus fruit as the best herb for treating Low Sperm Count, morphology, and motility. Tubulus fruit contains protodioscin which is the main constituent that treats any infertility in men. (2)


Take 100 to 250 mg of capsules one or three times a day. The powder of Tribulus fruit should be taken around 1 to 3 grams per day.

3. Herbs To Increase Low Sperm Count – Maca Root

Maca root regulates pituitary glands, it also acts as a tonic for hormone system. It acts as a tonic for the hormone system. It also helps to increase energy, stamina, and mental clarity.


Take 3 to 9 grams of maca root raw or at least 2 to 8 capsules per day.

4. Herbs To Increase Low Sperm Count – Saw Palmetto Berry

Saw Palmetto berry enriches the whole endocrine system, which helps to improve the overall reproductive function. Men with poor immune function, high stress, poor dietary habits, poor lifestyle.


1 to 2 grams per day is proper dosage for Saw Palmetto Berry. Typical dosage ranges from 100 to 400 mg twice daily should be given.

5. Herbs To Increase Low Sperm Count – Yohimbe Bark

Yohimbe can increase blood circulation towards the erectile tissue. It helps to aid Psychogenic and physiological impotence. Impotence is an inability to maintain an erection. This is the most common form of infertility that can be found most commonly among men. Yohimbine is an active ingredient found in Yohimbe bark. This Yohimbe bark helps in diluting Blood in the blood vessels and in turn, will lower the blood pressure. It helps to enlarge the blood vessels in the sexual organs and in turn, increases reflex ability in the lower spinal cord. In many cases, Yohimbe has shown to make erections firmer.


A dosage of 6 mg should be given 3 times a day. For erectile dysfunction, a dosage of 0.4 mg per body weight, or 30 mg daily or a maximum of 50 mg has to be given daily.

These are the top most effective herbs that are very beneficial for treating Low Sperm Count and other infertility diseases too.

Note: The material is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Do not substitute this information against any recommendation of a professional medical practitioner.

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