13 Unknown Facts About Mumbai That Most People Don’t Know.. | Updated

13 Unknown Facts About Mumbai That Most People Don’t Know.. | Updated


Mumbai is a magical City which has many things to offer to its visitors. People from different parts of India visit Mumbai to enjoy the Aamchi Mumbai weather whereas some even come to earn a better standard of living. Mumbai’s weather is a proper combination of summer, winter, and monsoon. There are yet many unknown facts about Mumbai that even the Mumbaikar’s are unaware of. Here are some of the interesting and hidden facts about Mumbai. So find here some of the latest facts on Mumbai that you might surely haven’t heard of.

Facts About Mumbai That Most People Don’t Know…

  • Mumbai was paid as a Dowry

In the time of Portuguese rule, i.e. in the year 1661, Mumbai which was known as Bombay was given as a dowry to England. There was a marriage between King Charles II of England and Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal then at that time it was given as a dowry.

  • Mumbai has the most expensive slum in Asia

It is said that India has one of the largest slums in Asia. Slum always means poor. But in Mumbai’s Dharavi area is no poor Wala slum. It is one of the costliest slum and an expensive one too. To build a house in Dharavi, you have to pay almost three to five lakhs.

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  • Mumbai Started First Bus service in India

On 15th of July 1926, India’s first Bus service was started in Mumbai itself. Its route was from Afghan Market to Crawford Market.

  • Mumbai city has only 1.1 square meters of open space available per person

Mumbai is one of the densest city In India. It is not only densest but also one of the busiest and crowdiest cities in India. No other city in India can be as crowded as Mumbai. Till now, as many cities I have visited, I haven’t seen much crowd even in Local trains than Mumbai.

  • It is a major Transportation Hub

Mumbai is said as the major transportation hub in this Country. Although, the logistical department of Mumbai is expensive than any other City. There are various ways to transport things as well as the people from one place to another. Below is the list of some transportation services.

  1. Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) buses
  2. Central Railway (CR) headquartered at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.
  3. Western Railway (WR) headquartered at Churchgate
  4. Central Railway (CR) headquartered at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
  5. National Highway 3, National Highway 4, National Highway 8, National Highway 17 and National Highway 222 of India’s National Highways system
  6. Mumbai Port Trust and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust

  • Taj Mahal Palace

The Taj Mahal Palace in Gateway of India was India’s first hotel to use Electricity.

  • Mumbai was an Island

Mumbai is made up of 7 different Islands. These 7 different Islands merged together in a period of six Decades starting from 1784 AD. And today, it is a single Landmass Island known as Mumbai.

  • Mumbai has a coastline of over 149 kilometers

Mumbai is also mostly known for its beaches. There are many famous beaches named Juhu Beach, Girgaun Chowpatty, Aksa Beach, and many more. The famous LalbaugCha Raja is immersed in Girgaun Chowpatty. So, Mumbai has a really good and large Coastline.

  • Do you know? A woman built the Railway line between Mumbai and Pune.

In the year of 1863, Mumbai – Pune Railway line was built by Soloman Tredwell’s Wife Alice Tredwell.

  • Bombay Comes from Bom Bahia

Formerly, Mumbai city was known as Bombay. The word Bombay is derived from Bom Bahia which means good bay in Portuguese language. This city was known as Bombay for the entire period unless now it is named as Mumbai.

  • The name Mumbai was derived from Mumba Devi

The name Bombay was initially named by Portuguese explorer Francis Almeida also known as “the Great Dom Francisco”, a Portuguese nobleman, soldier and an explorer as well. But currently, the name Mumbai is named after Goddesses Mumba Devi (Koli Community).

  • The Zero Mile of Mumbai

The ‘Zero Mile of Mumbai’ is a geographical part of the City. This is properly visible on the Map of Mumbai City. This place consists of 3 regions. 1. Flora Fountain at Hutatma Chowk, 2. GPO near the CST Terminus and 3. the Asiatic Society Library in the Fort area.

  • Mumbai’s Dabbawala

Mumbai’s Dabbawallas are considered as one of the most systematic and well-organized tiffin delivering system in India. The workers don’t make any sort of mistake while delivering the Tiffin. Because a mistake can lead to the wrong tiffin delivered to the person. For e.g. a pure Veg person can receive a tiffin full of Chicken and egg.


These were some of the interesting Facts about Mumbai that most people don’t know about.

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