6 Things to know about Exercise and Marijuana

6 Things to know about Exercise and Marijuana

Exercising – 6 Things to know about Exercise and Marijuana

Regular exercising is very beneficial for health and body. Regular exercising helps keep you fit and helps in reducing weight, and also helps in maintaining a healthy bone density.

It helps in reducing the surgical risks involved, and strengthen your immune system. Studies have revealed that daily exercising can increase life expectancy and quality of life as well. (1)

Regular exercising can benefit you in:-

People might think that Marijuana is a natural steroid. But no, it isn’t a natural steroid. Steroids target the muscles in the body and whereas, Marijuana targets the neurons of the brain. In short, Marijuana only makes the pain bearable.

Nowadays, people are using Marijuana to boost their endurance or to ease the pain. Some users have also reported that taking Marijuana makes them more energetic, and they find it easy to push through the pain. (2)

Roger Boyd who is a long distance cyclist who has traveled around 19,000 miles in the last 2 years where most of the traveling part is done while vaping. This 37-year-old has also biked in locations across Europe, Nepal, India, New Zealand, and Australia.

High profile gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps and Kareem Abdul Jabbar have also accepted consumption of Marijuana. Is the use of Marijuana good for Exercise? Read 6 Things to know about Exercise and Marijuana

6 Things to know about Exercise and Marijuana

  • Pain can be relieved through the use of Marijuana – Marijuana Is also a well-known painkiller used in many medicines. It is used to treat acute and chronic pain. It numbs the pain causing signals inside the body. Using Marijuana will make you bear the pain easily.
  • Focus can be increased by using pot – Taking two to three puffs before starting a long run can give you a better focus that you need. Pot is found useful if you need to focus on a repetitive task. If taken with a proper strain, then you can get the focus that you want.
  • Get rid of sore muscles – After working out in the gym for the first time, your body could sore up due to new activities that the body is taking out. Cannabidiol or CBD can relieve your body from inflammation. Consuming a high CBD before your workout will help to get off from sore muscles.
  • Marijuana helps in relieving anxiety – Marijuana helps in making people paranoid. The thought of being judged by all the people around will make you more anxious. Weed can help to overcome this kind of social anxiety, it helps in reducing the overreaction by reducing the general anxiety.
  • Pot helps boost your metabolism – Scientifically it is proven that THC in Marijuana increases appetite in humans which in turn makes you consume more calories.
  • Cannabis protect your brain from injuries – CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the brain swelling and also helps in recovering from the injury itself.