5 Best Destinations and 10 Reasons for a road trip

5 Best Destinations and 10 Reasons for a road trip

Great reasons for a Road Trip – In this era of Technology, there are fewer contacts between people. Road trips are the best way to spend some time with others going offline. There won’t be any technology between you and your partner or your friends on the road trip.

There is nothing more relaxing than going on a road trip once in a while. Road trips can be gone with friends or family members. In India, one of the best place for a road trip is from Mumbai to different places.

Mumbai is termed as a city of Dreams and dreamers. But, is also full of stress and disturbances. The city is filled with pollution, traffic, good people, bad people, and many more. Many people look for a break in which they can plan for a road trip to the outskirts of Mumbai. There are many places to where the road trippers can take a trip.

10 Reasons for a Road Trip

  • There are many places to discover

One of the major reason for a road trip is that you can explore many new places on your own. There must be many places or cities where you haven’t been through at all. During your road trip, you can explore many new roads that are impossible with cars or public transports.

  • You can meet new people

Meeting People
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A road Trip is an opportunity to meet and greet new people. Just ask some random person about accompanying you on your road trip and get started together. This also helps to reduce the cost of the trip. You can also discuss much life happening things with the other person to start a mutual conversation.

If you are in Mumbai, then you can read Mumbai’s best points of Interest and the best time to visit these places.

  • You can disconnect yourself from the world for some time.

A road trip is a better way to disconnect yourself from the digital world. At least for some time, you can go away from the whole world to attain some peace of Mind. It is really nice to turn off your digital devices for some time and feel the nature around you to calm down your mind.

  • It will create a memory.

Create a memory
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Road Trips are full of discovery and adventures. It will create more of memory let it be good or bad. No matter what, memories last longer than any other thing. A bad memory is also sometimes the best thing to remember. It shows us how people are or how we are. This is one of the best reasons for a Road Trip.

  • Time Flexibility

Taking a bike ride is you can plan a trip on your own without any interference or time barrier. No schedules, no timetables nothing. Just you, the person with you, and your bike. You have the flexibility to do anything because it is your road trip after all.

  • You can become more spontaneous

A better option for a bike ride is that you can be spontaneous in your trip. Instead of going to the South, you can take a turn and go towards East. You can be spontaneous while riding because no one knew what the roads hold in the future.

  • Road Trips are always adventurous

Nothing is adventurous than going on a road trip. Try not to plan your whole trip before starting the trip. Always make half plan and start your journey. The other half will be planned automatically with many adventurous ingredients in it. And last, always enjoy your road trip and forget about the worries for completing it.

  • You can live in that exact moment

Road Trips create many memories with which you can live in that exact moment. Nothing is good than having long drive moments. A long ride will keep your mind away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a way to create many good memories to live in that same moment always.

  • A way to get close to nature

People and Nature
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Sometimes you should plan a trip to a place which is covered by nature from all sides. Trips can give you a freedom of feeling various forms of nature. You can also watch birds in their natural habitats if you choose to take a ride through roads. You can experience nature in its own natural way.

  • A romantic getaway with your partner

A bike trip is an awesome idea to spend some time on the roads with that special person. It is an exact opportunity to stronger your bond with your partner. In time you can also show your passion for riding.

Some common points to have a Road Trip

  • Mumbai to Alibaug

This is one of the popular destinations to visit in the weekend getaways from Mumbai. It is a bit crowded city which comes in the path of Goa. It has also named Mini Goa and is frequently visited by couples to spend some romantic time with each other. A road trip to alibaug is very rejuvenating.

  • Mumbai to Lonavala

Riders have to ride from the old Mumbai Pune expressway to reach Lonavala. This is because new Mumbai – Pune Expressway doesn’t allow two-wheelers. Although traveling from expressway has its own amazing experience. The old expressway has less traffic and good roads which are good options for bikers.

  • Mumbai to Igatpuri

Igatpuri is located in Nashik which is also known as the Wine Capital of India. It is located in the western ghats which is a tiny hill station which gives a mesmerizing view in the monsoon. A bike ride will be very refreshing towards Igatpuri from the National Highway 3. There are also various other attractions such as Bhandardara, Nashik, Dhamma Giri Meditation Center, Ghatandevi temple.

  • Mumbai to Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is a Mountain pass filled with beautiful flora and fauna. It is located in the Western Ghats. It is a home for various bird species such as quails, flamingos, cuckoos. The destination and the beautiful curvy roads are a beautiful road trip for bikers. Its various attractions include Waterfalls, Green hills, nature and Bird watching. Monsoon is the Best time to visit this Malshej Ghat.

  • Mumbai to Goa

Goa is a place where everyone wants to visit at least once through roads. It is the best place by bike and car enthusiasts. A road trip to Goa is a top choice by Mumbaikars. There are two routes to visit Goa. First is from NH4 which can be covered in 10 Hours if and only if traveled non-stop. But this road has plenty of toll booths which can create traffic chaos. The second way is via NH66 which takes 12 hours if traveled non-stop but has fewer toll booths. The road is curvy and passes through many paddy fields, coconut plantations.

These were some 10 reasons for a Road Trip and also some common points from Mumbai to start your journey lovingly.