YouTube Vanced APK for NONROOT/ROOT/MAGISK Rooted Devices

YouTube Vanced APK for NONROOT/ROOT/MAGISK Rooted Devices

YouTube Vanced APK 

Master_T was the former developer of iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback) which is now known as YouTube Vanced. He was a senior contributor in XDA Forums. After some time he discontinued the project and other developers took over the project and named it as YouTube Vanced. It has all the updates and features of an official YouTube plus some extra features. Steps to download YouTube Vanced and the APK files both are available in this post.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is an advanced version of the official YouTube App, that lets you watch videos seamlessly without being interrupted due to advertisements. Its an ads-free version of YouTube app. Also, it is powered by many useful features like PiP (Picture in Picture) mode, and background play while the screen is locked.


App Name YouTube Vanced
Developer Master_T (XDA Senior Developer)
Official Website youtubevanced
Former Name iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback)
Availability Rooted, Non-Rooted, Magisk Rooted Devices
File Type APK
Team 1) Razerman – Mods, Theme and support
2) Zanezam – Publish and support
3) Laura almeida – Theme and support
4) Kevin – Magisk mod and support
5) Logan – logo

Features of YouTube Vanced

Features of all the versions are the same with only some slight difference just because the package name is changed in Non-Root version.

  1. Background Playback (BP)
  2. Ad block (toggle on or off)
  3. VP9 or HDR
  4. Pinch to Zoom
  5. Override Maximal Resolution
  6. Casting (toggle on or off)
  7. Dark, White, Black Theme
  8. Picture in Picture (PiP) mode – only on Android Version Oreo
  9. Auto Repeat
  10. Preferred speed and resolution control

Download YouTube Vanced APK for NON-ROOT/ROOT/MAGISK Rooted Devices here

For Non-Rooted

For Rooted
For Magisk Root
If your mobile is not Rooted, then download the APK from this section. Also, you have to download an additional package named MicroG if you want to login. Download all the files and also flash via a custom recovery like a TWRP in order to install this app.

This APK version is designed to work with Magisk Root devices. Download and install YouTube Vanced Magisk Module via the Magisk repo.

Download Download


Difference Between Black and Dark theme?

1. The dark theme is based on YouTube stock theme which you can toggle to white or dark. Similarly, in YouTube Vanced, there is an option to toggle between dark and white theme.
2. The black theme in YouTube Vanced is a modded theme. It is slightly different from the YouTube stock dark theme as it is a bit darker than the dark theme.
3. You get both White/Black modded theme for YouTube Vanced which can be toggled according to your preference.

iYTBP Developer

Master_T (XDA senior developer)

YouTube Vanced Team

• Razerman – Mods, Theme and support
• Zanezam – Publish and support
• Laura almeida – Theme and support
• Kevin – Magisk mod and support
• Logan – logo


With the YouTube Vanced app, now you can enjoy an ad-free version of YouTube on your Android. It is 100% safe to use as it is the official app with injected features in the Xposed module for background playback. All credit goes to the original developers mentioned above. Please be mind to select suitable APK for your architecture and flash the files at your own risk.


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