Steps to Download YouTube Vanced APK for Magisk Rooted Devices

Here are the steps to download YouTube Vanced APK for Magisk Rooted Devices

Note: You cannot install a Non-Rooted device APK on a rooted mobile device.

There are 3 methods to install YouTube Vanced Magisk APK.

Method 1: The easiest way to install this APK is by using the Magisk Repository.

Method 2: Download the correct Magisk Module for your device architecture and flash it. (You can check it using CPU-Z app)

Method 3: Enable the Magisk install from “” folder. Or Install the APK via magisk.plz file which can be found in the root installer folder.


Click on the link to download all the necessary files.

Installer Files


Uninstall YouTube Updates and Option for Auto Update

You have to install YouTube Updates from the play store and also have to disable auto updates option. If you don’t do this, the new update of YouTube will replace your Vanced app automatically.

YouTube Vanced APK for Magisk Rooted Devices Module

White/Dark13.12.60arm64-v8aUnknownnodpi26.96 MB (28,272,138 bytes)
White/Black13.12.60arm64-v8aUnknownnodpi26.96 MB (28,272,029 bytes)
White/Dark13.12.60armv7Unknownnodpi25.41 MB (26,640,051 bytes)
White/Black13.12.60armv7Unknownnodpi25.41 MB (26,639,938 bytes)
White/Dark13.12.60x86Unknownnodpi27.47 MB (28,803,118 bytes)
White/Black13.12.60x86Unknownnodpi27.47 MB (28,803,083 bytes)
White/Dark13.10.55arm64-v8aAPI21nodpi35.86 MB (37,600,194 bytes)
White/Black13.10.55arm64-v8aAPI21nodpi35.86 MB (37,600,180 bytes)
White/Black13.07.55arm64-v8aAPI21nodpi35.34 MB (37,057,979 bytes)
White/Black13.07.55armeabi-v7aAPI21nodpi32.51 MB (34,086,757 bytes)
White/Black13.07.55x86API21nodpi36.32 MB (38,084,919 bytes)
White/Black13.07.55x86_64API21nodpi35.78 MB (37,513,581 bytes)




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