Rare flowers

Top 10 Beautiful Rare Flowers in The World (With Images)

Beautiful Rare Flowers

Flowers are Natures Beauty. Nothing is more beautiful than a flower in Nature. There are many species of flowers that are unique in their own way. All the flowers aren’t found everywhere. Each flower adapts to its own natural weather conditions. You can’t see all the flowers at once by yourself. To make it quicker, we have provided a list of top most beautiful and rare flowers around the world.

Rare Flowers in The World


  • Narilatha Flower

Narilitha Flower

It is also known as Nariphon and Makkaliphon in Thai. It is a tree which bears flowers in a shape of a human. Mainly, in a shape of a young Women. It is said that God Indra created these trees to save her wife from Hermits and Yogis who can attack her. These trees bear fruits which look same as God Indra’s Wife which would distract the men. It is also said to be found in the Himalayas (India).



  • Jade Vine

Jade Vine

It is also known as Emerald Vine or Turquoise Jade Vine. It can mostly be found in the tropical forest of Philippines. Its Stem can reach up to 18 Metres This plant grows beside water streams in damp forests. Each single bloomed flower resembles a butterfly with its wings folded.







  • Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos

It is also known as cosmos astrosanguineus and is found nearby to Mexico. It is an extinct flower lost in the wild. Its species was cloned in the year 1902 where only single clone survived. It is only 40 to 60 cm tall having a fleshy root. Its leaves are 7 to 15 cm with leaflets only about 2 to 5 cm.




  • Titan Arum

Titan Arum

It is also known as Amorphophallus titanium, which is a flowering plant having the largest unbranched inflorescence (inflorescence is a cluster of flowers arranged in on a stem having a large and complicated arrangement of branches) in the world. It has a smell like rotting corpse or carcass which is why it is characterized as a carrion flower or corpse flower.






  • Yellow Lady Slippers

Yellow Lady SlippersIt is also known as Lady’s Slipper Orchid. It can be found in many places from Europe to Asia, and from Spain to Pacific. It is often found in the open moist woodland places. It can grow only in Calcareous soils (rich in calcium). It can also grow in decomposed areas like humus of semi-shaded woodland having limestone in the soil. The flower looks like a lady’s slipper so its name.


  • Parrot’s Beak

Parrots Beak

Parrot’s Beak flower has a creepy and trailing small branch each divided into 3 to 5 slender leaflets. Each leaflet comprises 1 to 2 cm long and 1 mm broad. It is densely covered with silvery hairs. These flowers are Red in color and pea size in shape.





  • Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid

Ghost orchid is a leafless shrub. It consists mainly of a network of roots surrounding a tree trunk. Its species is moist and swampy found in South Western Florida and Caribbean Islands such as Cuba. The plant looks like a foliage which is suspended in air where they have attached themselves to tree trunks with the help of some roots.




  • Franklinia


Franklin tree is also called as Franklinia alatamaha. This tree is found in native areas of Altamaha river valley in Georgia which is situated in the South Eastern region of United States. These flowers are white in color with bushy yellow stamens. Its leaves are dark green and glossy in color.




  • Yotan poluo

Yotan poluoYotan poluo is said to be a parasitic plant which was actually found growing on an aroid palm leaf. It is still not confirmed as in the flower or a fungus. It measures just 1 mm in diameter and it emits mild but noticeable sandalwood like fragrance. The flower is quite delicate and fragile in appearance and depends on other leaves for food. So it has a bit more lifespan than other flowers.



  • Campion


White Campion flower is found in Finland. It is a native of Eurasian Species. This flower is still common in the eastern part of the of the Country. This flower has set quietly well in Finland.






These were some of the top 10 Rare Flowers from around the world that people don’t know about it.


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