How To Install WhatsApp Plus without Losing Chats?

How To Install WhatsApp Plus without Losing Chats?

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus is better than normal WhatsApp from the fact that it is a modded version of WhatsApp so you will get many advanced features that WhatsApp didn’t provide you with it. The plus point is it is relatively safe to use this modded version of WhatsApp.


Be the first person to know about its features and be ready to use it. Download it from here.

WhatsApp Plus APK

Steps to install WhatsApp Plus without losing Chats

Step 1 – Go to settings.


Step 2 – Click on chats

Step 3 – Click on Chat Backup.

click Chat backup

Step 4 – In the screen, Click on BACK UP button.

backup button

Your back up process will start within a minute. Keep some patience.

backup process

Step 5 – Now uninstall WhatsApp.

Step 6– Go to settings in your Android Phone


Step 1

Step 7 – Open privacy/security option

Step 1

Step 8 – Under privacy, you will see a tag named unknown sources. Enable this option. By default, it will be disabled.

step 4

Step 9 – Click on OK when a confirmation screen appears and you are done.

Step 5

As you will download the APK file through our website, it might save in your download (default) folder unless and until you have changed it.

Step 10 – Browse to the folder containing WhatsApp Plus apk file and click it. Installing process will start automatically after clicking on that file.

Step 11 – In the welcome screen, click on Restore button. A message will appear confirming about the backup file. Then click on agree and continue.

welcome screen

Step 12 – In this screen, enter your phone number and press the next button.

Whatsapp plus number

Step 14 – Click on give permission.

WhatsApp plus permission

Step 15 – Now your account will initialize. Just wait and be patient.

WhatsApp plus initialization

This is how you can Install WhatsApp Plus without Losing Chats.

4 thoughts on “How To Install WhatsApp Plus without Losing Chats?”

  • why i cant use google drive it said that my whatsapp is modified version and it not allowed me to restore my recent message , please help me ASAP , i lost my data to continue my assignment pls

    • This is because all the modified version is now not allowed by original WhatsApp. So, what you can do is take a backup on your mobile device, save your backup file in another folder. Uninstall the modified Whatsapp, download the Original WhatsApp and then follow the process of restoring the chats and data. Hope this helps.

  • After I have backup and uninstall WhatsApp Plus, I can’t restore after installing WhatsApp Plus. When I click on restore, it keeps telling my backup not on sdcard WhatsApp. I transfered the backup from phone storage to sdcard but still. Help.

    • Hello Michael, After installing WhatsApp Plus, new folder will be created to store all the files for WhatsApp plus. Just copy and paste the backup file in the backup folder. Then while installing, you can select the restore button.

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