How to Hack Whatsapp Account without Anyone Knowing?

hack whatsapp account

Hack WhatsApp Account tricks always work. Try out this one simple method. WhatsApp became very popular in a short period. With a year its users grew drastically. Now it has billions of users enjoying its service. WhatsApp enabled users to message different people staying in different parts of the world.

The best part is the service is free. You can freely send messages, files, audio, video to different people pay only for the internet connection (GPRS).

How to hack WhatsApp Account? Learn here with us.

Follow this technique, to successfully hack your friend’s WhatsApp account.

 Note: It is just for fun and not intended to infringe anyone’s privacy. This website and the owner of this website shouldn’t be held responsible for any damage caused to you.

Ask victim’s permission before hacking his/her WhatsApp account. Also, don’t try these methods on some other person as this is only meant to use it for fun.

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A simple technique to hack WhatsApp Account.

  •  Using Software or an App (WhatsApp online Hacking Method)

The best way to spy on a WhatsApp account is by using a software program or an app. Choosing the best company that provides best spy app is very crucial. Many different companies offer spy apps, but not all are trustworthy.

There are chances that the company that is providing any specific app is also misusing it.

One of the best app to spy on WhatsApp is mySpy. This app is very well known for its quality and top rated features. You have to install this app on the victim’s mobile device to spy on his/her WhatsApp account. This is one of the best WhatsApp hacking tool available in the market. 

Points to keep in mind before using any spy app

  • Take permission from the victim – These apps are intended to make use only by parents, employers, government officials to keep an eye on the activities created by their subordinates, employees or children. So before installing any spy apps on anyone’s mobile make sure that you take permission from that person.
  • Select only trustworthy app – This is a very crucial point. The company you select should have a good repo. As you will be spying on someone, the company should not misuse the data from the victim’s device. There were many cases of such type of companies.
  • Purpose and Efficiency of the app
  • Does the spy app hide any activity from the victim?

These were the four crucial points that should be noted before using a spy software or an app on anyone’s WhatsApp.

Suggestion: You can use Spymaster Pro and mySpy tp spy on other’s WhatsApp. These are excellent apps that anyone can use easily.

Always buy an official or genuine app and install it on your device as well as victim’s device. After downloading the app, install it by following the instructions given on the screen of the app.

Follow all the instructions carefully to start with the hacking process completely. Once it is complete properly, you can access all the WhatsApp conversation from your friend’s or beloved one’s WhatsApp account.

There is also one more technique to hack a WhatsApp account. But it is a bit tricky as it requires a lot of work done after acquiring the victim’s phone and a bit of technical knowledge.


  • Doing MAC Spoofing

It is a bit tricky method as it requires to change your mobile device’s MAC address. Still, you can try it with your friend’s permission or the victim’s permission.

A MAC Address (Media Access Control) is a unique identifier assigned to a device. It identifies a specific network of that particular device. It is used as a network address in mobile devices including Ethernet, WIFI, and Bluetooth.

This MAC Address can be used to hack into your friend’s WhatsApp account through a local network or internet. As this is a bit tough method, it will be posted exactly after 1 week. Stay tuned with us.

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