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gbwhatsapp Download latest apk

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps. Despite being the most popular, there are limited functionalities when it comes to its uses. It has a limited count of the files, images, audio/video files that can to be shared. Users need a better messaging app. So some coding geeks have started developing their own messaging app similar to WhatsApp but have more advanced features than official WhatsApp. However these APK or apps are unofficial, but people love to use these apps instead of WhatsApp. Apps like gbwhatsapp,yowhatsapp, WhatsApp plus are used by many. And users of these apps are increasing day by day. In this post, I will talk about the latest updates of GB WhatsApp 2019 April new version download with its unique features. You can download its app from the button given below.

Gbwhatsapp is more popular than other APK’s available on the web. This is because of its great features and growing popularity. Gbwhatsapp 6.85 always comes up with a new update in around 3 to 5 months. You can subscribe to our mailing list so that we can send you a mail informing about it’s latest update with its features. All the updates will be available on this post. You can also see how to link your WhatsApp conversation with GBWhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp 2019 April New Version Download v6.85 info

Name Description
Version Name 6.85
App Size 30 MB
Requires Android Android 4.0+
App Name GBWhatsApp
Official website latestmodapks
Downloads 500,000+

Features of  GbwhatsApp 6.85

These are some of the best features of GBWhatsApp APK. You can install the latest version of the APK from the button below. GBWhatsApp has many great features apart from the default WhatsApp features. Best features like Hiding last seen, Hiding blue tick, hiding second tick, etc are provided by GBWatsApp. Also, there are many customizations available. You can change the theme, and also the appearance of the whole app can be changed. Find some more details about its features below.

  1. Swipe enabled to send a reply or for a group calling
  2. Forward message without forward tag.
  3. Stickers available
  4. Forward message limit to 5 (Indian users)
  5. Media visibility changed of specific contacts (in gallery)
  6. Enable history of revoked messages from groups/contacts profile.
  7. Select all chats from home screen at once.
  8. Read receipt from the notification tray.
  9. Lock voice message recording button
  10. Play videos from your favorite music player.
  11. Revoked message notification.
  12. Group description can be read normally like status.
  13. Payment options available
  14. Set auto-reply when you are away.
  15. Added mention option in group messaging
  16. Several new group features
  17. New emojis available
  18. DND mode available (it will disable internet connection)
  19. Send message broadcast to groups
  20. Anti revoke messages
  21. Filter messages while clearing chats
  22. Live location share support
  23. Add Filters while sending images or videos
  24. Revoke multiple messages at once
  25. Sending documents limit upgraded to 100 instead of 30
  26. Message inbuilt scheduler
  27. You can call not saved contact
  28. Gif and emoji search
  29. Auto media download only for specific contacts possible
  30. You can hide status privacy view
  31. You can save status or story
  32. Options to hide a chat
  33. Up to 50mb video size can be sent
  34. 35 characters long group name
  35. Copy other people status
  36. Broadcast limit up to 600 people at once
  37. More than 100 languages support
  38. Status of up to 255 characters long instead of 139
  39. Stay online for 24 hours(mod)
  40. Original WhatsApp can also be used simultaneously.
  41. You can create your own theme and submit it to GBWhatsApp.
  42. Send 90 images at once
  43. Built-in app lock available
  44. Ability to change app and notification icon.
  45. You can hide the Blue Ticks, Last Seen, Typing a message, Second tick and many more.


These are the top features of GBWhatsApp apart from the features that are available in the official WhatsApp app. Download the latest version from the button given below.

Advance Features that GBWhatsApp provides

Apart from these features, there must have some advanced features which is why GBWhatsApp is different from other apps.

  1. Access Device Location
  2. Internet Access
  3. Read Contacts
  4. Get Accounts
  5. Access Camera, WiFi, Mike, Bluetooth, NFC
  6. Ability to Modify Audio Settings
  7. Can kill Background Tasks
  8. Send SMS
  9. Vibration control
  10. Use Maps Services
  11. GBWhatsApp Latest APK v6.85 Change Log

GB WhatsApp Download v6.85 Free

GBWhatsApp is absolutely free to download. GBWhatsApp isn’t available in the play store. You can download GBWhatsApp latest APK from the button given below. 

   Download GBWhatsApp Latest APK v6.85

Steps to install GBWhatsApp v 6.85

Step 1– Click on settings in your android phone.

Step 2 – Open security option

Step 3 – Under the security tab, you will see an option named unknown sources. You have to enable it. It will be disabled by default.

Step 5 – After a confirmation screen appears, Click on OK button and you are done.

As you will download the APK file through our website, it might save in your download (default) folder unless and until you have changed it.

Step 6 – Click on the downloaded GBWhatsApp file to start with the installing process. After installation is complete, click on the app to open it.

Step 7 – A welcome screen appears. Click on restore button if any backup is not found then you can see how to lock WhatsApp conversation with GBWhatsApp. When it is done click on AGREE AND CONTINUE button.

Step 8 – It will ask for access rights. Click on continue.

Step 9 -Then it will ask for phone number verification. After verifying it click on NEXT button.

Step 10 – Then it will ask for permission for auto verification of phone number. Click on continue.

Step 11 – After successful verification, It will ask for Google drive backup. You can give permission or not it’s up to you.

Step 12 – Now your GBWhatsApp account is created. Enjoy its fantastic features!!

Now you can enjoy Advanced features of GBWhatsApp. Go forward and explore by yourself its features and advantages over WhatsApp. Do comment below if any issue faced by you.

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