Chinese Egg Fried Rice Recipe | Egg Fried Rice | Simple Egg Fried Rice

Chinese Egg Fried Rice Recipe | Egg Fried Rice | Simple Egg Fried Rice

What’s Cooking India? It’s Chinese egg fried rice recipe.  This recipe can be made using leftover rice as well as freshly cooked rice.

You don’t require any accompaniment with this egg fried rice recipe Chinese style recipe, but it goes well with Indo Chinese recipes like Chicken Manchurian or Chicken Crispy recipe.

This recipe is similar to the veg fried rice recipe, it’s just the addition of the eggs. You can use scrambled eggs or diced boiled eggs. 

It is a quick dinner recipe, that can be prepared in 30 to 45 minutes. So, if you are in a hurry, then you can prepare this egg fried rice recipe.

Use it in your lunch box, or in your lunch, and dinner, this egg fried rice restaurant style recipe is healthy and delicious to eat.


Ingredients for Egg Fried Rice Recipe


IngredientsMeasurements (1 CUP=250 ML)
Rice1 Cup
Soy Sauce1½ Tsp
Vinegar½ Tbsp
Red Chili Sauce1 Tbsp
Garlic Chopped2 Cloves
Oil1½ Tbsp
Ginger Chopped1 Tsp
SaltAccording to your need
Spring Onions (green part and white part separate)3 Tbsp
Capsicum (Small Cubed)½
Shredded Cabbage (Optional)½ Cup
eggs3 to 4


Steps to prepare Chinese Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Preparing egg and rice for Egg Fried Rice.

Step 1: Take a large bowl. Add 1 cup rice and rine well. Let it soak for 30 minutes.

Step 2: After 30 Minutes, cook the rice till 80%. It should be left 20% uncooked. Then cool it completely.

Step 3: Take veggies (Spring onions, Capsicum, Onions, Cabbage), chop them and keep aside.

Step 4: Also, heat a frying pan, add 4 eggs and saute them. Once it is cooked properly, remove and keep them aside.


Making of Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Step 1: Take a large Kadhai, on a medium flame, heat 2 Tbsp oil, add chopped garlic and ginger, saute till it changes its color.

Step 2: Add all the chopped vegetables and saute them for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Lower the flame, add the scrambled eggs, salt, ½ Tsp vinegar, 1 Tbsp Red Chili sauce, 1½ Tsp Soy Sauce and saute well.

Step 4: Now add the cooked rice in it. Carefully and slowly mix them so that the rice mixes with the sauces.

Step 5: After all is cooked, garnish with green part of spring onions. Serve hot with Schezwan Chutney.


Tips to Follow

  1. While cooking the egg, you can add salt or you can also skip it.
  2. You can also add Ajinomoto while adding the sauces.
  3. Instead of adding chopped ginger garlic, you can also use Ginger Garlic paste.
  4. You can add veggies of your own choice.


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