How to Set Blank WhatsApp Status? Empty WhatsApp Status 2020

How to Set Blank WhatsApp Status? Empty WhatsApp Status 2020

Set a Blank WhatsApp Status on WhatsApp

Keeping nothing is everything. This is a very popular WhatsApp trick that lets users set an empty WhatsApp status. Officially WhatsApp doesn’t allow keeping your status empty. This empty space in your status will look very unique.

The trick to set a blank status is that WhatsApp doesn’t support all the Unicode Characters. So, use of any such Unicode character will display a blank space in place of that character. Follow these below steps to set an empty WhatsApp status.


Steps to set up a blank Status in WhatsApp are as follows:

Step 1: Copy these two characters written after this sentence.
Copy these 2 symbols: ⇨ ຸ

Step 2: Go to your WhatsApp.


Step 3: Click on settings.

WhatsApp settings

Step 4: Tap on the status beside your name.

tap on status beside name

Step 5: In that dialogue box, under About and Phone number, tap on the status.

after setting blank status updated

Step 6: Tap on the edit button and paste the two copied symbols.

Blank WhatsApp Status
Step 7: Now, remove only the arrow symbol(⇨), where you are left with only one symbol i.e. (,).

the symbol 1
Step 8: Now, click on the Ok button.

This is how your WhatsApp Status will look:


Blank WhatsApp Status Image

Also, you can check out: [How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone 2020: UPDATED]Now, your WhatsApp status will clearly be blank just go and check. This is how you can put an empty WhatsApp status in your device.

NOTE: You have to copy both the Symbols or else this trick won’t work.

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