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13+ Amazing Things Around The World That You Won’t Believe are True

The World is very big and there are still many unknown and amazing facts that people hardly know about. People are still unaware of many surprising unknown things that co-exist with the mundane world. This article gives you a short and simple overview about 25 Unknown and Amazing facts around the World.

25 Unbelievable Amazing facts around the World

1) 1500 years old angel oak tree in South California

1500 years old oak tree



2) Okinawa, Japan has more than 450 people living on it above the age of 100 and is referred to as the healthiest place on earth


3) There is a place where the great wall of China ends.

End Of Great Wall Of China



4) The singing tree – the wind blowing through makes music

The Singing Tree


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5) Moon kissing the ocean

Moon Kissing the Ocean

6) 18 foot underwater statue located in the Bahamas

18 Foot Underwater Statue


7) Look of Paris from above the effort tower

Paris from above the eiffel tower


8) The last foto of the Titanic afloat, 1912

Last Photo of Titanic Afloat



9) Elephant rock in New Zealand

Elephant Rock


10) A Giant log you can ride through in sequoia national park California

The Giant Log


11) The breathtaking mountaintop of Venezuela

Mountain Top of Venezuela


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12) Crystal clear water, flathead lake in Montana

Flatbed Lake


13) Black Sand beaches of Ireland

1500 years old oak tree


14) China’s richest village

China’s Richest Village


15) Mount Fuji with Milky Way

Mount Fuji With Milky Way


16) Rainbow appearing at Night – Moonbows

Rainbow in Night - Moonbows

17) 400 million years ago, there were 22 hrs a day and more than 400 days in a year



18) Sunset on Mars is striking and blue

Striking and Blue Sunset on Mars


19)Ireland has the largest gun ownership rate yet has one of the lowest crime rates



20)remains of WWII aircraft on a beach in Wales

Remains of World War II


21)Village in Yemen

A village in Yemen


22) Stockholm Metro System

Stockholm Metro System


23) The forest lake Russia

the forest lake


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24) The golden turtle

Golden Turtle



25) The worlds longest lasting light bulb has been burning for the past 113 years

worlds longest lasting light bulb

These were some of the top 25 Unknown and Amazing facts around the World which you might have not known.

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