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Top 10 Best Waterfalls In India

India and Waterfalls – India is not only a hometown for the famous Taj Mahal but also to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls. Each state has its very own waterfalls whose beauty is worth an appreciation.  Get ready, pick up your travel bags and visit some of the most captivating and jaw-dropping waterfalls in India.

Top 10 Best Waterfalls in India

1. Waterfalls In India- Nohalikai Waterfall

Nohalikai Waterfall

Nohalikai Waterfall is located in the Meghalaya State in East India. Meghalaya is also called as the wettest State of India. This waterfall is also the tallest waterfall in India. Water from this fall flows from a height of 1100 meters. It is a true copy of nature’s beauty. You can expect a waterfall almost all the year round.

Best time to visit

Nohalikai Waterfall has the best climate all year round. So you can visit it anytime all year round.

2. Waterfalls In India- Kune Waterfall

Kune Waterfall

Kune waterfall is around the Lonavala and Khandala City of Maharashtra State. These two regions are very well blessed with several beautiful waterfalls along its way. Kune waterfall flows from a height of 300 meters above the sea level.

Best time to visit

Kune waterfall is located in Pune. So the rainy season will be the best time to visit (June to September).



3. Waterfalls In India- Jung Waterfall

Jung Waterfall

Jung waterfall is located at the distance of 200 meters away from the power station. You have to trek to reach this destination. This waterfall is located in the Jung District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is not only a tourist attraction but is also a major source of electricity for the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

Best time to visit

Jung Waterfall is located in Arunachal Pradesh which is very khown for its hydro power electricity generator and mountain ranges, April To November is the best time to visit.

4. Waterfalls In India- Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall

“Dudhsagar” when translated in Hindi, it sounds “Ocean of Milk”. The name Dudhsagar is given to this waterfall not because Milk falls off the cliff, but because when the water falls down from the cliff looks like a milky water flowing down. This waterfall flows down from a height of 310 meters. It is located in the Mollem City of Goa.

Best time to visit

Dudhsagar Waterfall is located in Goa which is a small state below Maharashtra state and very famous for it’s beaches. So a waterfall in such a small state is very mesmerizing sight. So best time to visit this waterfall is in the months of October to May.

5. Waterfalls In India- Jog Waterfall

Jog Waterfall

Jog waterfall is the second largest waterfall in India. The waterfall is so steep that you can feel a real hard force applied by the water when it falls down from the cliff. The water flows down from a height of 253 meters. When the water is in full force, you can hear the sound of water hitting the rocks below. 3.4 Million water flows down the mountains in the Monsoon Season each and every second.

Best time to visit

Jog Waterfall is in Karnataka state which is very well known for it’s rich Flora and rains. So best time to visit Jog waterfalls is in the months of July to December.

6. Waterfalls In India- Athirapally Waterfall

Athirapalli Waterfall

Athirapally waterfall is located in the Thrissur District of the Kerala State. It is also known as the gem of this District with a high tourist attraction rate. Athirapally waterfall is surrounded by greenery whole year around.

Best time to visit

Athirapally Waterfall is located in Kerala which is the west most state of India. Although it has greenery all the year round, best time for a waterfall is from the months of June to September.

7. Waterfalls In India- Shivasamudram Waterfall

shivasamudram waterfall

Karnataka has also been named as a State of Waterfalls in India, all thanks to its numerous number of waterfalls Shivasamudram Waterfall is also located in the State of  Karnataka.  It has many other mesmerizing waterfalls located within few kilometers. Out of all these, Shivasamudram waterfall is the best and the most popular one because of its volume. In the monsoon season, around 19 Million liters of water falls from the mountain in each and every minute. This is one of the few waterfalls that can behold water for even after the monsoon season is over.

Best time to visit

Shivasamudram Waterfall is located in Karnataka state and unlike other waterfalls which dries up after monsoon season, it can hold water for many months. So best time to visit this waterfall is from July to October.

8.Waterfalls In India-

hogenakkal waterfall

Hogenakkal waterfall is located in the Tamil Nadu State of India. It is unofficially called “Niagara of India”. It is located in the Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu State in India. It is said that this waterfall has some disease-curing properties which is why the waterfall is so famous with its visitors.

Best time to visit

Hogenakkal waterfall is located in Tamil Nadu state and is also India’s Niagara falls and best time to visit this waterfall is from October to March.

9. Waterfalls In India- Bhagsung Waterfall

bhagsung waterfall

This waterfall is located in Dharamshala District of Himachal Pradesh State in India. It is around 11 kilometers away from Dharamshala. This waterfall is surrounded by cliffs, trees, and temples. Reaching the highest point of the waterfall requires a small trek which is very adventurous in its own way.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit –  July toNovember.

10. Waterfalls In India- Kempty Waterfall

kempty waterfall

Kempty waterfall is located in the Mussoorie District in the Uttarakhand State of India. Mussoorie is also called as a Paradise of Nature. The water flows from a height of 1371 meters. The water that falls from this height gets divided into 5 various falls which are very mesmerizing view. Kempty waterfall is surrounded by many green trees and plants. With a cold breeze surrounding the whole environment, this place is the best destination to calm yourself.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit – June to January.

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